Tesseract ModularRadioactive Digital Oscillator


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Tesseract Modular Radioactive

Radioactive from Tesseract Modular is a digital full voice with three analog-modeling oscillators, envelope generator, glide, and waveshaper that combine for a fully-featured module in 6hp. It runs at 14-bit/32kHz and provides chiptune-inspired crunchy sounds with a ton of character. Many of the controls do double duty, with the functions labeled in both yellow and white text. The three oscillators accept CV signals over a 0-+5V range, with the pitch knob acting as an attenuator with an external CV input. The built-in envelope features attack, sustain, and release controls. The attack control also functions as a glide control in two of the modes.

It features three modes of oscillator operation, selectable at power-up. A free-range oscillator with attack and release envelope, a free-range oscillator with release envelope and glide, or a quantized oscillator with release envelope and glide. The envelope features monophonic gate mode, which adds sustain based on gate length, monophonic trigger mode with predefined sustain length, and a three-voice polyphonic envelope. The polyphonic mode is much like the trigger mode, but the module initiates the envelope in successive order at each trigger pulse. Select between five wave shaper modes with nine basic waveforms and 12 combinations. CV control waveshape or step through different wave shapes with an external trigger source. Radioactive packs chip-tune inspired sounds into a full voice with a great selection of features that let you get under the hood without a ton of buttons and menus to remember.

Radioactive Features

  • Analog-modeling digital voice
  • Three oscillators with three modes
  • Attack, sustain, release envelope with three modes
  • Glide source
  • Five waveshaper modes
  • Nine basic waveforms with 12 different combinations
  • Pitch quantize mode with semi-tones
  • Shift button selects alternative functions and power up setup
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 42mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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