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Tesseract ModularFranKinksTides Dual Tidal Modulator


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Tesseract Modular FranKinksTides

FranKinksTides from Tesseract Modular is a dual digital waveform generator, based on Mutable Instruments' Tides and Kinks, with a few more tricks up its sleeve. Select between AD envelope (green LED), AR envelope (red LED), or cyclic (LED off). In both the envelope modes, the module requires external trigger or gate signals to generate signals. Three frequency ranges from 20 minutes cycles up to 10kHz, and dial-in the frequency with the main knob with a range of +/-4 octaves. When in audio rate frequency ranges, the module automatically changes the available waveshapes and slope behavior to be better suited to audio use. Sequence each side separately, or use the Pitch input to send a single CV signal to both sides. The FM1 switch routes the output of one side to the other, so this is great for implementing complex oscillator-style behavior, particularly when paired with the waveshaping and wave folding. Each channel features unipolar and bipolar outputs and an end of attack and end of decay/release gate signals, useful for chaining envelopes in series.

Adjust the shape of the waveform with the shape control to select the curvature of the rise and fall portions and the slope to skew the waveform towards downward sawtooth, triangle, and upward sawtooth. The smoothness control offers two directions of signal alteration. Turning left attenuates high-frequency content with a two-pole low pass filter. To the right adds additional high-frequency content with an internal wavefolder. Use the freeze input to initialize the track and hold, which freezes the waveform at the current voltage level as long as the signal remains above 0.7V.

Sync the module to an external clock source using the clock input. In clock/PLL mode, the frequency knob now controls divisions and multiplications of the input clock. Sync either side to the other for related output waveforms. FranKinksTides also borrows from Mutable Instruments' Kinks, providing analog logic in the form of minimum (AND logic) or maximum (OR logic). The signal sent to the logic processing section features a balance knob to fade between the two, this result also passes to the mix output.

FranKinksTides provides a ton of functionality and features that brings several concepts from Mutable Instruments and reinvents them in new ways instead of just a pure clone of the original. Whether you want complex oscillator behavior, a dual function generator, or a synced clock generator, this module has you covered.

FranKinksTides Features

  • Dual digital waveform generator
  • Based on Mutable Instruments' Tides and Kinks
  • AD, AR, or cyclic modes
  • Adjust waveform curve and skew
  • Add filtering or wavefolding
  • Frequency period ranges from 20 minutes to 10kHz
  • Freeze input activates a track and hold
  • Analog OR (maximum) and analog AND logic (minimum)
  • Mix output with crossfader
  • Clock input that syncs frequency to that clock speed with divisions and multiplications
  • Sync one side to the other
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V, 80mA @ -12V
Tesseract Modular FranKinksTides Dual Tidal Modulator Reviews