Tesseract Modular8X8 Buffered Matrix


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Tesseract Modular 8X8 Buffered Matrix

The 8x8 Buffered Matrix from Tesseract is a powerful tool for rapidly repatching your modular system. Up to eight unique inputs can be assigned to up to eight unique outputs, selected by means of each output's dedicated rotary control. While each output can only accept one signal for its source, the same signal can be routed to multiple outlets. Furthermore, the 8x8 will buffer any input that is routed to multiple outlets, allowing you to use the matrix as a buffered multiple for precision control voltages such as 1 volt-per-octave sequences. Whether creating contrapuntal melodic lines or deep in the mire of a complex feedback patch, the 8x8 offers an ergonomic solution for dynamic, instantaneous signal rerouting.

8X8 Buffered Matrix Features

  • 8-in, 8-out switched matrix/multiple
  • Inputs are buffered to provide precision copies of the same signal
  • Can process both CV and audio signals
  • Bi-color LED shows signal present at outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 62mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V
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