Tegeler Audio ManufakturCrème Bus Compressor + Mastering Equalizer


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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème

Add a bit of cream to your mix with the Tegeler Audio Crème bus compressor and mastering equalizer. Beloved for its sound and versatility, the Crème is found in many studios for mixing and mastering alike. The core of the Crème is a meticulously engineered passive Pultec-style EQ that is designed to sound exceptional in any setting. A pair of Low and High Boost controls with Low and High Freq selection is all you need to add a little rumble or sparkle to your mix. Switch between running the EQ into the Compressor or the Compressor into the EQ with the flip of a switch.

Crème's VCA compressor is versatile enough to give you a transparent, gentle hug or push it for more extreme squeezing, and anywhere in between. With an added 1.5:1 ratio setting, the Crème can be especially transparent and subtle. The low end won't cause unnecessary pumping in the compression as a two-mode high pass sidechain filter, for 60hz or 120hz, lets you avoid lumping the low end in the mix.

Tegeler Audio's Crème is a perfect workhorse for any style you're working with—this is a compressor that gives you crisp highs and tight lows without the need for any other processing.

Crème Features

  • VCA bus compressor and passive Pultec EQ
  • Switchable order between EQ->Comp and Comp->EQ
  • High pass sidechain filter switches between 60Hz or 120Hz
  • Ratio control goes as low as 1.5:1 for gentle subtlety
  • Suitable for mixing or mastering
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 40.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Internal power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Dimensions: 88.1 x 483 x 250mm
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème Bus Compressor + Mastering Equalizer Reviews