Tegeler Audio ManufakturClassic Equalizer EQP-1 Passive Tube EQ


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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Classic Equalizer EQP-1

High quality passive EQs are found in professional studios all over the world, and Tegeler Audio's EQP-1 passive tube equalizer is modeled after these vintage-style EQs delivering incredible results you simply have to hear. Using conductors and inductors at the core of the passive EQ is what's responsible for the unique characteristic and desirable tonal quality of this unit. Equipped with a tube gain stage as well as input and output transformers, the EQP-1 delivers tight, transparent lows and wonderfully rounded highs. Even if the EQ is not engaged, simply having this unit in the signal path will impart its unique tubular qualities onto the audio. Simplicity is the best when it comes to adjusting the sonic characteristics of sound: all too often you can feel tempted by equipment with too many options. Tegeler's EQP-1 features just three sections: Bass boost/cut with selectable frequency, Treble boost with selectable frequency, and high frequency cut. Able to run in stereo or dual mono, the two channel EQP-1 passive tube equalizer from Tegeler Audio Manufaktur will breathe new life to any session.

Classic Equalizer EQP-1 Features

  • Two-channel passive tube equalizer
  • Input and output transformers for tube stage
  • Three sections per channel for bass boost/cut, treble boost, and high cut
  • Independant bypass switch for each channel
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz
  • Maximum Input Level: +20 dBu
  • Input Impedance: ≥ 2.4kΩ
  • Output Impedance: < 600 Ω
  • Maximum Output Level: +22 dBu
  • Dynamic Range: ≥ 95 dB
  • Power voltage: 230 V~/50Hz or 115V~/60Hz
  • Maximum Power Consumption: < 25 W (0,01A at 230V)
  • Dimensions: 88.1 x 483 x 250 mm
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Classic Equalizer EQP-1 Passive Tube EQ Reviews