Teenage EngineeringPO-28 Pocket Operator Robot Synthesizer


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Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot

Teenage Engineering’s PO-28 Robot, part of their Pocket Operator series, is a group of 8-bit synthesizer engines that are especially suitable for live performance. The unit is capable of generating malleable melodies, with dedicated controls for influencing meaningful changes to its sequences, and programming a backing track before overlaying a lead.

PO-28 Robot Features

  • Pocket Sized Synth!
  • LCD Display
  • Folding Stand
  • Sequencer
  • Parameter Locks
  • 15 Sounds + Microdrum
  • Live play + Sequencer Combo
  • Built-in Sequencer
  • Audio I/O
  • Jam Sync for connecting other Pocket Operators
  • Alarm Clock
  • Power: Two AAA Batteries
  • Size: H 5" x L 3" x W .5" 
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Teenage Engineering PO-28 Pocket Operator Robot Synthesizer Reviews