Tech 21SansAmp RBI Rack Bass-Driver DI


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Tech 21 SansAmp RBI Rack Bass-Driver DI

The SansAmp RBI is an expanded version of Tech 21's modern classic SansAmp Bass Driver DI, available in 1U rack format. The RBI maintains the Drive and Presence controls from its pedal-format counterpart, while adding a dedicated Mid control to the active EQ controls. This makes it easier than ever to dial in everything from funky thump to grinding tones that cut through any mix. The built-in effects loop makes it easy to integrate other pedals and processors into your rig, either in series or parallel to your direct out. And with both uneffected and effected outputs over 1/4" and XLR connections, the RBI is a perfect choice for use at gigs or in the studio, eliminating the need for carrying a cab and miking your rig. Just show up, dial in, and you're ready to bring tube tone into your setup without breaking your back.

Rack Bass-Driver DI Features

  • Show up at any studio with just a SansAmp RBI and plug directly: no mic required
  • Gig with the SansAmp RBI straight to the house PA
  • SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry with adjustable drive and presence
  • Active Bass and Treble controls cut or boost ±12dB
  • Dedicated Mid control, cut or boost ±12dB
  • Individual Level control for the XLR out
  • Effects Loop
  • Mix 50/50 switch to configure the Effects Loop in series or parallel
  • 1/4" rear input and XLR output with selectable levels
  • Buffered uneffected XLR output to run a dry signal to a separate channel
  • Footswitch input to engage unit
  • Dimensions: 19"w x 1.5"h x 5.25"d (6.25"d total)
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
Tech 21 SansAmp RBI Rack Bass-Driver DI Reviews