Tech 21SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI Pedal


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Tech 21 SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI Pedal

Providing classic Tech 21 SansAmp tone with the convenience of preset memory, the Tech 21 SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI makes your favorite tones easier to access than ever. Featuring all-analog signal path with digital control, the Programmable Bass Driver allows storage of three global states, each accessible via independent footswitches. Your personal settings for EQ, Presence, Drive, and Blend can all be accessed literally at the push of a button. And as with Tech 21's other offerings, the Programmable Bass Driver DI offers connectivity for the studio, stage, and rehearsal space: XLR and 1/4" outputs make this pedal at home in any context.

Programmable Bass Driver DI Features

  • Build your Bass Driver DI into a live rig with a Bass Power Engine 60, and run through the PA for extra power
  • Boldly go live with just your Bass Driver DI straight into the PA
  • Bounce into any studio with a Programmable Bass Driver DI and plug directly into the board
  • While larger than our other SansAmp pedals, the Programmable Bass Driver DI still fits into a gig bag
  • Actual size: 7.25”L x 5.25”W x 2.25”H.
  • Even with its roadworthy all-metal construction, each unit weighs in at a mere 25oz.
  • Operable with a 9V alkaline battery or optional Tech 21 DC2 power supply, and it is also phantom powerable.
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