Tall Dog ElectronicsSimple Skiff Angle Kit


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Tall Dog Electronics Simple Skiff Angle Kit

The Tall Dog Electronic Angle Kit offers an easy way to customize and connect multiple Simple Skiff Rows, joining them together at a fashionable and ergonomic angle. The Angle Kit provides stable V-like connector panels for fitting two Rows perfectly together at a 30 degree angle while also concealing a ribbon cable capable of connecting two bus boards to share the same power supply. Meant to be supported by at least one pair of Simple Skiff Angle Stands, the Angle Kit offers two bottom connector panels that line up perfectly with Angle Stands to strengthen the stability. Offering more accessible patching while maintaining the Simple Skiff aesthetic, Tall Dog Electronics' Angle Kit is a great customization option for your system.

Simple Skiff Angle Kit Features

  • Angle connector for two Simple Skiff Rows
  • Two angle connector panels
  • Two bottom connector pieces
  • Four M3x8 flat head screws
  • 300mm 16P to 16P ribbon cable
  • 2mm hex key
  • TBD
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