T-RexBinson Echorec Magnetic Disk Delay


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T-Rex Binson Echorec

T-Rex has spent almost a decade developing and recreating a vintage delay classic, the Binson Echorec, and they have finally cracked it with a smaller but no less incredible sounding modern version. Taking its design from military-grade drum recording technology, the original used magnetic wire wrapped around a rotating drum to create the classic sounds of psychedelia as most famously heard with Pink Floyd. Beloved by many delay enthusiasts and studio producers, the vintage units are coveted and while algorithmic variations exist, T-Rex is the only company that has spent the time to recreate this impressive feat of sonic engineering.

The modern T-Rex Binson Echorec is very similar with a motorized magnetic wire wrapped drum that is responsible for the delay, but quite immediately you will notice it is much smaller than the originals, which were the size of amp heads. This makes it incredibly portable for studio and stage use. T-Rex gives you the same four playback heads to create your own combinations, just as on the original, but it only uses two record heads—a long and short. The Long record head is identical in delay length to the original fourth record head at the original's unmodified speed. Speaking of speed, that is another welcomed addition to T-Rex's incarnation which the original did not have: adjustable speed. Move the rate up or down by 20% for more control over the woozy, hazy, dreamy sound you're after

Other features that make this a welcome update to the beloved classic include expression control over the speed and the ability to have a remote bypass switch, which can let you keep the unit off the ground. An Echo Tone control also lets you adjust the brightness and darkness of your signal and just like the original you get that wonderful Swell mode that turns the delays into a washed out reverb-like effect. T-Rex has out done themselves with the Binson Echorec—this authentic, handmade classic will become a fixture in any studio looking for that classic delay sound that is found nowhere else.

Binson Echorec Features

  • Authentic, all-analog recreation of Binson Echorec
  • Magnetic wire wrapped moving drum just as the original
  • 2x Record heads: Slow and Long
  • 4x Playback heads, just like the original, with buttons for each
  • Adjustable speed +/- 20%
  • Expression pedal controllable speed
  • Echo Tone adjusts the color of delay
  • Swell mode for reverb-like sounds
  • Long-press bypass switch to stop the drum
  • Iconic Magic Eye on the front dynamically undulates based on playing
  • Dimensions: 3.94 x 9.84 x 7.48"
  • Weight: 5-3/4 lbs
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