SyntonieVU007B Sync Generator + RGB Encoder

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Syntonie VU007B

Lo and behold the answer to all video-synthesists prayers with Syntonie's VU007B, an RGB encoder and sync generator for outputting your synthesis into a number of different formats. Whether you're going for a simple monitoring output or passing along your final RGB signal, the VU007B will flawlessly translate your video patches to Composite, Component, or even S-Video for viewing your beautiful creations. The onboard switches are highly capable for fine-tuning not only your video's output resolution, but also other sync parameters that must be met to properly display. Such parameters include framerate of either 50Hz or 60Hz, resolution ranging 480 to 1080, and whether or not the raster scan is interlaced or progressive. With RCA sync on the back for essential synchronization amongst your other video modules, the VU007B is the most vital component of any video synthesis rig and will turn all your motion picture fantasies into realities.

VU007B Features

  • Sync generator & RGB encoder
  • RBG to Composite, S-Video, and Component encoding
  • Sync generator options for following a variety of formats
  • Modifiers include 50/60Hz, 480/720/1080 frame, and interlaced/progressive switches
  • RCA sync I/O found on the rear of the module
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
Syntonie VU007B Sync Generator + RGB Encoder Reviews