SyntonieVU003B Component2RGB + Luma Processor


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Syntonie VU003B

Introduce all your favorite videos and visuals to your modular with Syntonie's VU003B, a Component to RGB decoder with unique processing capabilities. Updated from their prior VU003, the VU003B supplies the same Component to 1V outputs for R, G, and B signals. Additionally, the added Y output makes for a great combined luma source for alternative use, and a Y pass-through RCA jack on the back allows for easy daisy chaining elsewhere. Although the level and offset controls on the top are normalled to the Y output, the separate in and out jacks will break that normalization for further processing your luma signals' contrast and brightness. Morph and manipulate external video sources by bringing them in through the VU003B from Syntonie.

VU003B Features

  • Component to RGBY decoder
  • 1V RGBY individual outputs
  • Attenuverter (contrast) and offset (brightness) normalled to the Y full-luma output
  • Separate luma input and output breaks normal of processing from Y output
  • Y pass-through RCA on rear of module
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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