SyntonieCBV002 Circuit Bent Video Delay (Standalone)


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Syntonie CBV002

Based on a vintage 1990s broadcast circuit, the CBV002 slightly delays the video input to create visual displacement and hue shifts on the video output. This is the standalone version that comes with its own housing and integrated PSU. Designed to work with LZX-standard 0–1v CV via three patch points, external modulation adds movement to the internal oscillator frequency, keying between video, and delay time control. Divided into three sections, the left controls the internal oscillator allowing you to switch the range between horizontal sync, vertical sync, or unsynced, as well as adjust the rate. The center section and corresponding CV fades between the input and delayed signal using either the internal square wave, randomly gated vco, external CV, or the video input signal. The right side controls the delay time via a control or through a preset switch moving between 820ns and 1000ns. For each of the sections, a switch controls whether an external CV or incoming video modulates the parameters.

Syntonie's CVB002 Video Delay is amazing in a video rig of any size if you're looking for neon psychedelia and organic feedback.

CBV002 Features

  • Standalone video delay
  • Composite RCA input and output
  • 3 Patch points for modulating the internal oscillator, delay time, and video mixing
  • Feedback knob for controlling distortion
  • NTSC/PAL compatible
  • Power: 15VDC PSU Included
Product Demo Videos
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