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SyntonieCBV001 Circuit Bent Video Enhancer (Module)


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Syntonie CBV001

The CBV001 Circuit Bent Video Enhancer from Syntonie is a video glitch machine for processing composite and modular video signals. Aside from the video inputs and outputs, there are two sections: inner and outer.

The inner is an Enhance section that's the core of the entire circuit, affecting how all other parameters work. The main knob sets the enhancement level with a small CV attenuator trimmer. A switch gives you the option to cut the CV completely, engage DC coupling, or engage AC coupling. The outer portion has four different Glitch effects that function similarly. Each one has a switch that offers two different flavors of effect in either the up or down position while turning off the effect when in the center. For best results, a combination of these effects is recommended and remember: the Enhance knob will change the overall behavior.

Compatible with NTSC and PAL formats, the CBV001 from Syntonie is a wonderful way to add glitchy effects to your video rig.

CBV001 Features

  • Circuit Bent Video Enhancer for glitch effects
  • Composite video in and out
  • Video rate 3.5mm inputs and outputs perfect for grabbing a luminance feed
  • Main Enhance section features CV input with attenuator
  • 4 Glitch effects with control knobs and variation-1/off/variation-2 3-position switches
  • NTSC/PAL compatible
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 30mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Eurorack Video Synthesis : Creating a Glitch Effect
Our Pal Erin joins us today to walk us through some of her video workflow using the Syntonie CBV001 and other Eurorack modules

Erin has been using an interesting blend of video synthesis with compositing and animation to create unique video effects for our videos, and we thought it was time for her to step in front of the curtain and show us how it's done !
Syntonie CBV001 Circuit Bent Video Enhancer (Module) Reviews