Surfy IndustriesSurfyBear Pedal Compact Spring Reverb (Black)


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Surfy Industries SurfyBear Pedal Compact

Bring the dripping wet tones of a spring reverb to your pedalboard with the SurfyBear Compact from Surfy Industries. Based on the Fender 6G15, but with solid state components replacing the tubes, the SurfyBear Compact recreates all other aspects of the circuitry to make an incredible sounding vintage-y reverb pedal. Like its bigger brothers, the controls are simply Mixer, Tone, and Dwell, however, the Compact actually features 2 Mixer knobs and a footswitch to switch between the two settings. A dedicated True Bypass footswitch is also present and, like the SurfyBear Metal, a clean boost Volume knob is there to make sure your signal stays at the appropriate level when switching. Few things can replace the sound of an authentic spring and with the SurfyBear Compact from Surfy Industries, you can bring that sound to your pedalboard or studio without taking up too much space.

SurfyBear Pedal Compact Features

  • Vintage inspired reverb tank based on Fender 6G15
  • Tubes found in original replaced with solid state JFET and MOSFET
  • Two Mixer controls with dedicated footswitch to toggle between the two
  • Dedicated True Bypass footswitch
  • Clean gain control for volume dip compensation
  • Same controls as original: Mixer, Tone, Dwell
  • Type-3 spring reverb pan
  • Metal enclosure
  • Dimensions: 25 X 12 X 6 cm / 9.5 X 4.5 X 2 in
  • Power Specs: 12V center-positive PSU included
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Surfy Industries SurfyBear Pedal Compact Spring Reverb (Black) Reviews