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SuonobuonoLAZER Light-Based CV + MIDI Controller (Orange)


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Suonobuono LAZER

Offering high levels of customization, integration, and performance, the LAZER by Suonobuono is an interactive, laser-based performance controller for creating natural movement in your sound from your body. Designed in a stylish and beautiful wood-style aluminium encasing, the LAZER focuses around a sensor centered on the top of the unit that measures the distance between your hand and translates that information to a number of different formats to control your instruments and sound. Freeing you from traditional means of touch, the LAZER offers free and flexible control that is measured precisely in 1mm degrees with up to 50cm in depth, but you can always customize the sensitivity via the OLED display and buttons.

Diving into the display, we can select from one of ten presets, five of which are user-designable for easy recall of your favorite performance uses. LAZER is super adaptable to any musician, producer, synthesist, or sound explorer's set up thanks to analog, MIDI, and USB outputs. Easily connect to your hardware synths and drum machines from the 3.5mm TRS output for MIDI functionality as well as over USB for control over your soft synths and DAW. Additionally, you can even integrate into a Eurorack set up via the dedicated CV and gate outputs, sending 0 to 5V for pitch and filter frequency tracking as well as triggering and gating envelopes or other modulation sources. Easily standing all on its own with no need of help from computers, the Suonobuono's LAZER is a compact yet highly performable device that'll compliment any set up imaginable.

LAZER Features

  • Laser-based performance controller
  • Runs standalone just as well as with a computer
  • Resolution of 1 mm with a range of up to 50 cm
  • Can control over MIDI or CV for easy access to hardware synths, soft synths and instruments, and even Eurorack gear
  • USB functionality makes it easy to set up in a DAW
  • Headphone out references a lo-fi oscillator for tracking purposes
  • OLED display for customization and access to up to 5 predetermined and 5 user-designable presets
  • MIDI outputs: 3.5mm TRS (TRS to DIN adapter included), USB-MIDI (via microUSB)
  • Analog outputs: 0–5V CV & Gate, via 3.5mm TS
  • Audio output: 3.5mm TS
  • Power: 5V via USB (adapter not included)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 20mm
Suonobuono LAZER Light-Based CV + MIDI Controller (Orange) Reviews