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Studio Electronics Levels

The Studio Electronics Levels is a six-channel summing mixer and attenuator for use in Eurorack synthesizer systems. The module is capable of processing both audio and CV signals and can be configured as a 6:1 mixer or a 4:1/2:1 mixer. Every channel’s pots feature logarithmic volume curves specifically tuned for audio, but perfectly capable of handling CV.

Levels Features

  • Logarithmic volume curve on pots (tuned for audio use but also works perfectly with CV)
  • 6 attenuation pots control Channels 1-6
  • 8 patch points: Channels 1-6 input, 1-4 OUT, MIX/5-6
  • Can be used as a wave-shaper in combination with ‘Oscillation’ waveform outs (sub, sine, trip, saw, ramp, square)
  • Eurorack Module w/ standard power 12v power
  • Class A Circuit design
  • 10 HP Width
  • 40mm Depth (Including connectors)
  • Current Draw: 22mA (+12 / -12)
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