Studio Electronics Boomstar VCA2

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Studio Electronics Boomstar VCA2

The Studio Electronics VCA2 is a dual-function VCA module for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. This high-quality VCA can process both audio and CV, and is particularly suitable for CV modulation chains. For example, patching the control modulator into the first CV input, then the other two controlled modulators into the A and B ins before routing the output to a VCO or the frequency cutoff of a filter will yield undeniably dynamic modulations. For audio duties, the Boomstar VCA2 provides a characteristic sheen that is a perfect finish for any audio signal path. 

Boomstar VCA2 Features

  • Knobs: LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2
  • Patch points: CV 1, IN 1A, IN 1B, OUT 1; CV 2, IN 2A, IN 2B, OUT 2
  • Size - 6hp
  • Depth - 25mm with ribbon cable attached¬†
  • Power Usage - 15mA
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