Studio ElectronicsBoomstar SE80 V2 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer Module


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Studio Electronics Boomstar V2

The Boomstar SE80 V2 is a semi-modular analog synthesizer that acknowledges the classic synthesizers of yesteryear. This particular model is inspired by the classic Yamaha CS-80, famously used by Vangelis and others to create monumental analog soundscapes.

Boomstar SE80 V2 features dual VCOs, a dedicated sub-oscillator, two invertable and droneable envelopes, extensive modulation possibilities, and a software LFO that can be synchronized via MIDI. There are also CV and audio inputs, meaning the Boomstar can easily be interfaced with Eurorack modular gear, as well as a variety of external instruments and audio signals.

Boomstar V2 Features

  • All discrete circuity with hand-matched transistors in filter and amplifier
  • 2 oscillators with sub oscillator, sync, PWM, and more
  • Sine, Triangle, Saw and Square waveforms
  • Classic Yamaha CS-80 filter design
  • All discrete circuitry
  • Hand matched transistors in filter and amplifier
  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • 31 pots, 2 rotary switches, 18 toggle switches
  • Through hole circuit boards
  • AC power adaptor
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.05" (3.625" at back) x 8.7" x 7.05"
Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80 V2 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer Module Reviews