Studio Electronics Boomstar 4072 Analog Synthesizer Module

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Studio Electronics Boomstar 4072

The Studio Electronics Boomstar 4072 is a powerful semi-modular analog desktop synthesizer that pays tribute to the classic synthesizers of yesteryear. The 4072 model features a filter modeled after the classic Arp 2600. 

The Boomstar 4072 boasts two discrete VCOs, amplifiers and filters build from hand-matched transistors, and a snappy envelope section. There are also CV and audio inputs, meaning the Boomstar can easily be interfaced with Eurorack modular gear, as well as a variety of external instruments and audio signals.

Boomstar 4072 Features

  • All analog semi-modular monophonic synthesizer
  • 2 discrete voltage controlled oscillators
  • Choose between 4 classic filter types
  • 2 ultra-snappy analog ADSR envelopes
  • Voltage controlled amplifier
  • Low frequency oscillator
  • Ring Modulator
  • 2 Overdrive types
  • Glide

Front Panel Jacks

  • CV in
  • Gate in
  • Filter frequency modulation in
  • Amplifier modulation in
  • Oscillator out
  • External signal in

Back Panel Jacks

  • Midi In
  • Midi Out
  • 1/4" Audio out
  • DC power input.

Back Panel Switches

  • Learn switch: Select midi channel, note priority, aftertouch and mod wheel assignment
  • Tap tempo for LFO.
  • Overflow Switch :For polyphonic "Boom-Starring."


  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • Classic through hole circuit boards
  • External AC power adaptor
  • Dimensions: 7.05" x 8.7" x 3.6"
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