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Studio Electronics Amp

The Studio Electronics Amp is a VCA module for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The module utilizes a two-stage Class A discrete design sourced from three pairs of hand matched transistors. The ST/1 input is where envelope is typically applied, whereas the ST 1/2 is routed through an attenuverter and is ideal for modulating envelopes.

Additionally, the ST 2/1 is routed through the module’s 2nd stage, making it ideal for volume control. Finally, the ST 2/2 input is also routed through an attenuverter that makes it useful for modulation duties.

Amp Features

  • Input jack and control knob
  • CV input for stage 1/1
  • CV input for stage 1/2, with attenuator
  • CV input for stage 2/1
  • CV input for state 2/2, with attenuato
  • rDrive and Drone switches for changing CV response
  • Output jack with control knob
  • Eurorack Module w/ standard power 12v power
  • Class A Circuit design
  • 8 HP Width
  • 40mm Depth (Including connectors)
  • Current Draw: 36mA, 12mA (+12 / -12)
  • Module draws more power from +12v rail than -12v
  • Undersized power may cause buzz or hum
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