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StrymonMobius Multidimensional Modulation Pedal


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Strymon Mobius Multidimensional Modulation Pedal

Mobius, from Strymon, is one of the most versatile modulation effects ever produced. Engineers from Strymon painstakingly studied various modulation effects, such as tremolos, phasers, choruses, to make sure the Mobius contains all the nuances and specifics of the originals. Not only is it faithful to the past, but also extends the vocabulary of these effects to provide sonic elements never considered before. 

Within the Mobius are twelve versatile and legendary modulation algorithms, with six parameter controls for each algorithm. Strymon is known for their extremely high quality products, which utilize powerful SHARC DSP chips maxed to its full processing power. Packed with 200 presets and MIDI implementation, this is the perfect modulation pedal for one's needs. 

Mobius Features

  • Studio-class modulation algorithms deliver meticulous and detailed modulation experiences
  • Twelve modulation machines to choose from: Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Vibe, Phaser, Filter, Formant, Vintage Trem, Pattern Trem, Autoswell, Destroyer, Quadrature
  • Five front-panel tone shaping knobs: Speed, Depth, Level, Param 1, Param 2 (Param knobs assignable per preset)
  • Additional menu-driven parameters deliver extremely flexible tone shaping options and versatility
  • 200 easily accessible and nameable presets, save and recall at the press of a switch
  • True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)
  • Selectable high-quality Analog Buffered Bypass
  • Selectable Tap Subdivision, saveable per preset
  • Optional Global Tap Tempo mode
  • Included 9V DC power supply (300mA required minimum)
  • Dimensions: 6.75″ wide, 5.1″ deep
  • Designed and Built in the USA
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