StrymonLex V2 Rotary Speaker Pedal


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Strymon Lex V2

Lex V2 from Strymon is a huge upgrade from the previous version with new hardware, more controls, and MIDI that takes this rotary speaker effect to a new level. The front panel is the first change you will see, as it contains two switches and six knobs that are a new cream color. You now get easy access to the overall Volume and a Dry mix for creating interesting stereo planes by adding a Dry, center signal into the mix. The two switches let you choose between mic placement for front or rear, and the ramp speed: slow, med, fast. When recording direct, engage the Cab Filter for a rich, full sound and the new Volume control lets you drive the pedal without being too loud. An analog JFET input circuit gives you high quality responsive sound. Powered by an upgraded ARM DSP processor, the Lex from Strymon is a realistic sounding rotary speaker that is perfect for creating wide stereo images in the studio and stage.

Lex V2 Features

  • Stereo rotary speaker effect
  • Upgraded controls for more direct access
  • Switchable mic placement: front or rear
  • Switchable ramp speed:slow, med, fast
  • Bi-amp mode for separating the horn and woofer
  • Cab filter for recording direct
  • MIDI over USB
  • Upgraded ARM DSP processor
  • True stereo
  • Analog JFET input circuit
  • Mono/Stereo input switch
  • True or buffered bypass
  • 300 MIDI preset locations
  • 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters
  • Selectable instrument or line level
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4 x 1.75 in / 11.4 x 10.2 x 4.4 cm
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative 300mA PSU included
Product Demo Videos
Strymon Lex V.2 – Rotary – Intro
Classic Sound, New Features.

Our second generation Lex gives you the same rich rotary sounds of our original and adds significant new features, incorporating technological advancements, hardware improvements and design enhancements to give you additional flexibility, power, and ease of use on stage and in the studio.

The Complete Rotary Speaker System.

Lex provides you with a complete, accurately reproduced rotary speaker system: the low-frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube-driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement, and all the complex sonic interactions between these elements. Powerful, intuitive controls mean you can quickly dial in just the customized sound you desire.
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