Steady State FateUltra Random Analog


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Steady State Fate Ultra Random Analog

The Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Analog is one of the most useful and compact random noise generators is all of Eurorack. It features six random outputs, including two clock stepped outputs, another stepped output that alternates between the module’s dual internal noise sources or whatever signal is patched into the corresponding A/B sample inputs.�

There’s also a smooth fluctuating random voltage output complete with dedicated CV input, and a random noise/gate output with seven levels of randomness (also with a dedicated CV input.)�

Additionally, the module houses a vactrol-based integrator, complete with 1V/Oct tracking clock under full voltage control. Finally, the module is extremely useful for dual sample & hold duties, as it can waveshape and reduce the sample rate of incoming CV and audio.�

Pairs well with the SSF Quantum Rainbow.

Ultra Random Analog Features

  • Twin analog white noise generator sourced sample and holds
  • Very smoothly fluctuating random voltage (R-FLUX) provides an organic random output with voltage controllable (via vactrol) slew speed and voltage controlled output level probability
  • TOGGLE A/B provides unique stepped random output which alternates sampling from two sources in time with the sample clock
  • Random pulse/gate output (R-PULSE) operates from sub-sub audio well into the audio rate for use as a random gate/trigger sequence, additional random clock or digital noise generator
  • Opto-Integrator - a vactrol based Integrator for smoothing voltages
  • Built in clock with hi and low range selector
  • External clock input for optionally timing S&H-B, R-FLUX and TOGGLE outputs
  • 10HP
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