SSSR LabsSM010 Matrixarchate Matrix Switch


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SSSR Labs SM010 Matrixarchate

The SM010 Matrixarchate is a 16x8 IO Matrix Signal Router that takes inspiration from the famous EMS Synthi. The module serves as a hub for multiple input signals with a distinctive organizational method that takes the signal through a system of sixteen bi-directional numbered "Rows" and eight bi-directional "Columns". These signals then can be dynamically routed through its IO ports. This gives the user the ability to have absolute freedom with the Matrixarchate by eliminating traditional inputs or outputs, substituting them for instantaneously switchable patch connections.

Additionally, the module allows for the storage of 60 user patches that can be sequenced via trigger from its step input, giving the module yet another use as a base for complex sequencing. Special mention should also be made that the module is built around analog switch IC, controlled by a micro-processor, so no analog/digital/analog conversion takes place on your signals, maintaining their pure original quality. The unit is also Compatible with I2C for remote control.

SM010 Matrixarchate Features

  • 16x8 bi-directional IO ports
  • 16x8 led matrix display
  • 60 user patches
  • Analog Signal Path through IC
  • Simple Firmware upgrades through the front panel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Current draw: 56mA @ +12V, 2mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
SSSR Labs Matrixarchate, Kotelnikov And AWS Modules
For this video we created a system with SSSR Labs modules as the core sound generators and used their matrix module to route the signals in the system. At 4:32 there is a patch where the Matrixarchate is sequenced to create a rhythmic pattern.

The SM042 Kotelnikov is a wavetable oscillator with the ability to be used as a full synthesizer voice. The SM630 AWS is a non-linear wave-shaper with three different modes. This circuit is based on the harmonics circuit from the rare Alisa-1377 synthesizer that was produced in the USSR. The SM010 Matrixarchate is a 16x8 matrix that is bi-directional and can store presets which can be stepped through with triggers.
SSSR Labs SM010 Matrixarchate Matrix Switch Reviews