Solid State LogicUF1 Fader Controller + Transport Control


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Solid State Logic UF1

Designed to simplify your DAW-based workflow, the SSL UF1 is Solid State Logic's answer to those who want console-style control over their in-the-box recording and mixing process. This advanced DAW controller provides a single 100mm motorized fader, dual high-resolution displays, soft-feel rubber keys, transport controls, and a weighted jog wheel, all housed in a rugged metal chassis. It's a comprehensive control solution that is built to last.

UF1 can control all of your DAW's key mixing features: pan controls, channel levels, channel send levels, and even plugin settings. You can customize 46 soft keys to suit your personal workflow; and if you're using the SSL Meter Plug-in or SSL 360 software, you'll find new powers unlocked left and right. The motorized fader is perfect for level automation and fine tuning track volume, while the dual displays provide deep visual feedback for track names, parameters, time display, and much more.

Every new UF1 purchase includes a perpetual license for SSL's Meter plugin, an ideal complement of metering tools for keeping your levels and phase in check. Additionally, the UF1 can easily be partnered with SSL's UF8 and UC1 controllers, for a consistent and even deeper DAW control experience. In fact, they're designed to sit seamlessly alongside one another for a spatially-efficient, ergonomically-minded workflow.

The time has come for you to take control of your DAW—and the UF1 is a critical part of the big picture.

UF1 Features

  • Console-style DAW controller
  • 100mm, high-quality motorized fader
  • Two high-resolution displays, including a 4.3" TFT LCD display for visual feedback
  • Screens can display track names, parameters, time display, and controls for the SSL Meter and 360-enabled channel strips in the SSL plug-in mixer
  • Dedicated transport controls
  • Secondary transport row for essential custom workflow features (loop on/off, click track controls, and more)
  • Can be used to control DAW pans, sends, plug-in parameters, and more
  • Fader mode allows you to use four V-Pots beneath the large screen to control up to four track volumes at once
  • Large notched encoder for track banking, mouse wheel emulation, and more
  • 46 user-customizable soft keys
  • Includes HUI and MCU profiles for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, UA Luna, and Pyramix
  • UF1 can switch to control the Master fader in DAWs that use MCU protocol
  • Proprietary control for the SSL 360 Plug-in Mixer
  • Extends functionality of SSL's UC1 controller
  • Comfortably sits alongside SSL's UF8 and UC1
  • Includes perpetual license for SSL Meter plugin
  • 1 x 100 mm high quality, touch sensitive motorised faders
  • 5 x rotary endless rotary encoders with push
  • Large 4.3" IPS LCD TFT high-resolution color display
  • Additional 1.77" LCD TFT high-resolution color display
  • Backlit RGB soft-feel rubber buttons
  • All metal enclosure, finished with a brushed anodised top plate
  • Included stands allow for 6 different elevation angles. Or use without stands
  • Connects to your computer via hi-speed USB–no need to deal with computer networks or ethernet cables
  • Dimensions: 205mm/8.07" x 265.9mm/10.46" x 62.5mm/2.46"
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