Solid State LogicPureDrive Quad Microphone Preamps + Converters


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Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad

Drawing from their premium Origin recording consoles, the Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad contains the same PureDrive preamps merged with conversion and soundcard capabilities, all housed in a rack-mountable package. Whether you're bringing microphones or synths in from the rear or patching your guitar or bass into the front, the PureDrive Quad boasts plenty of SSL console character to give your tracks some special harmonic interest. Namely, each channel boasts three Drive modes: Clean for the most clarity, Classic Drive for Origin console flair, and the new Asymmetric Drive to thicken things up with even more color.

PureDrive Quad is also immediately ready to tie into the rest of your studio and is able to adapt itself to nearly any workflow imaginable. Channel insert loops are available on a DB25 connector, but you could also use the XLR channel outputs for this purpose if needed. As far as digital connectivity goes, you're given the option for AES/EBU, ADAT, and USB-C—all of which are perfectly valid and quality ways to bring the PureDrive sound into your productions. The PureDrive Quad delivers the SSL console sound in spades, and you'll be able to fit it into studios large and small.

PureDrive Quad Features

  • Rackmountable SSL preamps
  • Preamp design derived from Origin consoles
  • Phantom power, polarity switch, and sweepable highpass filter per channel
  • All channels offer up to +65dB of gain
  • Trim controls allow you to bring levels down after preamp saturation to avoid undesirable digital clipping down the line
  • 3 drive modes: Clean, Classic Drive, Asymmetric Drive
  • 4 mic input impedance modes
  • Automatic switching between front HiZ inputs and rear
  • Insert loops
  • Digital converters support up to 192kHz, 32-bit
  • Digital connectivity with ADAT, AES/EBU, and USB-C
  • BNC Word Clock I/O
  • Rack units: 3
Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad Microphone Preamps + Converters Reviews