Solid State LogicFusion Analog Coloration Tool


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Solid State Logic Fusion

Fusion from SSL is an entirely analog stereo processor designed to complement the digital nature of modern recording studios. In only 2U of rack space, Fusion packs five analog processors that can be chained together or used independently.

Vintage Drive is a harmonic enhancer with a wide range, just as capable of subtle sonic enhancements as it is exorbitant distortion. The Violet EQ is the first new analog equalizer circuit designed by SSL in 25 years. It features a two-band shelving EQ with +/- 9dB range, perfect for quickly boosting/attenuating critical low and high-frequency ranges of your signal. The HF Compressor acts as a great tool for dynamic control of the high-frequency range, often resulting in natural tape-like sound. Stereo Image features an all-analog Mid/Side circuit, offering extensive control of the spatial manipulation of sound. Finally, the Transformer circuit tightens the bass response with low-frequency saturation, and uses a high-frequency phase-shift to make the high-end crisp and clear.

And in addition to all of these features, the Fusion has a hidden weapon: an LMC (Listen Mic Compressor) option, bringing the sought-after SSL LMC sound into the unit by simply pressing and holding the HF Comp IN button for five seconds. Combined, all of these processors make the Fusion an invaluable tone-shaping tool in any digital or analog recording environment.

Fusion Features

  • 2U outboard effects processor designed with hybrid studios in mind
  • Five distinct analog coloration tools
  • Technology adapted from classic SSL consoles
  • Vintage Drive: a nonlinear harmonic enhancement processor with controllabe drive and density, great for thickening effects and outright distortion
  • Violet EQ: all-new analog, two-band shelving EQ with switchable frequency points
  • HF Compressor: classic analog high-frequency rounding/smoothing for tape-like roll-off
  • Stereo Image: Mid-Side stereo enhancer for spatial widening
  • Transformer: SSL transformer for subtle low-frequency saturation and high-frequency phase shift, adding thickness and crispness all at once
  • Inputs: 2x XLR
  • Outputs: 2x XLR
  • Send/Return: 2x XLR ea.
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