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Steady State FateUltra-Random Redux Random CV Source


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Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Redux

The Ultra-Random Redux from Steady State Fate is a revised version of their Ultra-Random Analog, delivering the same suite of random modulation tools with even more flexibility and refined performance. Combining two classic sample and hold circuits, an additional slewed sample and hold, an independent slew limiter, and a random pulse circuit, the Ultra-Random Redux offers a cornucopia of random sources to your Eurorack system. Expansive CV control, clever and convenient normalizations, and a handful of tweakable settings and parameters deliver maximum flexibility in patching. Perfect for adding subtle, organic variation to sound parameters or patching up a self-playing generative system, the Ultra-Random Redux is an outstanding choice for random modulation in any rack.

The random pulse section of the URR is useful for creating randomized gates, both unquantized in "free" mode as well as random rhythmic gates following the clock input of either sample and hold circuit. Control the rate of these pulses with the density control or CV input, capable of pushing the circuit into audio rate for a crunchy digital noise source. The Divisor setting controls the amount of randomness present at the pulse output - fully counterclockwise is fully random, while increased divisions even out the space between notes for a semi-stable clock source at the fully clockwise position. Random pulses are normalized to the Slew input, allowing you to create randomly-triggered envelopes.

URR's two sample and hold circuits utilize on-board white noise generators to derive random voltages when a trigger is applied to the trigger input. This random sampling section has three outputs, A, B, and Toggle. While A & B act as classic sample and hold stepped values, Toggle switches between using A or B sampling sources in time with the external clock, deriving a third random output. New output modes let you change A and B outputs to bipolar, half-wave rectified, and full-wave rectified operation, giving you a convenient way to make sure each output is tailored for its destination. Finally, the Random Flux section provides a fourth random source which is slewed to create smooth randomized modulation. This section has a new dedicated trigger input and manual slew control. Flux probability input allows you to direct the range of modulation towards a target defined by the input, letting you perfectly target the sweet spots of a modulated parameter.

If you're eager to add random modulation to your system, the Ultra-Random Redux from Steady State Fate is a comprehensive solution for getting your synth wiggling and woggling in all directions.

Ultra-Random Redux Features

  • Random CV source Eurorack module
  • Revised version of SSF's URA (Ultra-Random Analog)
  • Improved sample accuracy and window size
  • Random Pulse circuit now with gated sync (G-Sync) for synchronizing random pulses with external clock
  • Rotary Divisor switch selects division of the random pulse output, with higher divisions resulting in less variation of time between pulses
  • Random pulse output normalled to Slew input
  • Slew circuit may be used independently with external signals by using the slew input jack
  • A and B sample and hold circuits derive random values from white noise or externally-patched signal
  • Bipolar, half-rectified, and full-rectified output modes for A and B
  • Toggle out creates a third random source by switching between A and B in time with an external clock
  • Random Flux circuit creates slewed random voltages
  • Random Flux now with dedicated trigger input, slew control, and CV inputs
  • Flux Probability input controls target range of Flux output
  • A trigger input normalled to B and Flux trigger inputs for convenient multi-channel random source sync'd to a single clock
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: 100 mA @ +12V, 54 mA @ -12V
Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Redux Random CV Source Reviews