Steady State FateSteady State Gate Lowpass Gate


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Steady State Fate Steady State Gate

The future of lowpass gates is here with the Steady State Gate by SSF, a new take on the LPG with incredible flexibility in defining the decay and timbre characteristics of your patches. Use it as a filter, a VCA, or LPG—the SSG can handle any assortment of amplitude and timbre shaping duties. By just using the audio inputs and outputs, you'll find standard filter operations, with the option to select between one-pole bandpass, one-pole lowpass, and two-pole lowpass, Then with the Freq slider and Q-Factor control, you'll find the usual variety of resonance and frequency sweep options.

Things start to get interesting with the Excite input, which will accept gates, triggers, or any other audio source to excite the SSG's envelope generator. With sensitivity to levels, you can try gates at various amplitudes for dynamic variety, and shape the contour of your sound with the Decay control. But that's not all—the Steady State Gate also sports three timbre circuits to each provide a different flavor to your sound. Between harmonic Fold, Sat soft-clipping, and the SSF-original QAOS resonance modifier, there's a world of sonic possibilities to explore. Leave vactrols in the past and rack up the Steady State Gate from Steady State Fate.

Steady State Gate Features

  • Discrete multi-mode lowpass gate
  • Manual controls for Decay, Timbre, Freq, and Q-Factor
  • 3 filter modes: 6dB/oct bandpass, 6dB/oct lowpass, 12dB/oct lowpass
  • 3 timbre circuits: wavefolder, soft-saturation overdrive, and QAOS resonance modifier
  • Envelope CV output
  • Level sensitive excite input
  • CV inputs for Decay, Freq, Timbre, Q-Factor
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V, 75mA @ -12V
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Steady State Fate Steady State Gate Lowpass Gate Reviews