Steady State FateEntity Ultra-Perc Percussion Voice


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Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Perc

If any module were the be-all, end-all of percussion voices, it might be Steady State Fate's Entity Ultra-Perc: a comprehensive source for any and all drum sounds within a Eurorack synthesizer context. The Entity Ultra-Perc is a full re-imagining of SSF's original Entity, and aims to improve on the classic, beloved module in every way. Entity Ultra-Perc can be thought of as having two main components: BODY and NOISE, which may be controlled separately and blended together to recreate and invent drums of all types.

At its core, the Ultra-Perc contains a dual resonator topology, aiding in the creation of all manner of kicks, toms, and more. Set your fundamental pitch with the Master Tune control, with optional separation via Detune of up to two and half octaves. With the BODY BIAS and LENGTH controls, you can acheive full shaping of the impact and duration of your percussive hits. And because resonators are constructed from filters, you can impart another touch of spectral emphasis with the Low/Mid/Hi switch, simultaneously generating and filtering a sound with the filter cores.

HARMONICS offers wavefolders for the resonant cores, lending more complex timbres to the Ultra-Perc's sound palette. Alongside the BODY section, NOISE is an analog noise generator for synthesizing claps, snares, cymbals, and more. But with its own VCF, Decay, and Bias settings, plus the ability to be triggered independently via N-TRIG, it's a versatile and well thought-out inclusion on the Entity Ultra-Perc.

Despite the name, Percussion isn't all that the Ultra-Perc can do. With the External Input, the Ultra-Perc's resonator cores may be used to filter any sound, or an alternative trigger/gate input for dynamic rhythm creation. Welcome the Entity Ultra-Perc into your rack, and there won't be any shortage of zings, zaps, boots, and cats.

Entity Ultra-Perc Features

  • Fully analog percussion voice
  • Update of the original Entity Percussion module
  • BODY and NOISE generator sections with independent controls and trigger inputs
  • Dual resonator core
  • Master Tune and Detune controls
  • Dedicated Harmonics wavefolder for BODY
  • Internal FM envelopes
  • External audio input
  • Duck envelope output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: 125mA @ +12V, 125mA @ -12V
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