Steady State FateEntity Ultra-Kick Percussion Voice


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Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Kick

​​Radically evolving from what the Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer could do, the new Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Kick is a flexible percussion voice that is capable of much more than its name implies. The Ultra-Kick (or UK for short), reimagines a lot of what was possible on the BDS, but with more flexibility, more intuitive control ranges, and a generally more versatile sound.

Unlike its predecessor, the UK contains a dual-core resonator design, where the first resonator provides the fundamental pitch and the second is reserved for character shaping through filtering and resonances. Control of the first resonator is handled with the Frequency control, which ranges from eight to 80Hz, along with a V/Oct input and pitch envelope. Pinging this core with a trigger produces substantial kicks, complex transients, and the like, which then serves as the excitation signal for the second resonator. Shaped by the Character control, the second core is useful for everything from filtering, further transient shaping, unison effects, and more.

But where things get interesting on the Entity Ultra-Kick is with the controls labeled Resonate, Ripple, and Punch. Affecting the first resonator only, Resonate kicks things into self-oscillation, allowing for sustained 808-bass sounds and continuous excitement of the Character section. Ripple allows the first resonator to apply frequency modulation to the second, instantly opening the door to more complex timbres. Meanwhile, Punch is a soft-clipping and saturation circuit placed between the two resonator cores, therefore changing how the first will excite the second. While this circuit is largely inspired by the output stage of the BDS, it's application here is largely for exploration and creative shaping of your percussive sounds.

At the end of the chain, the Dynamics section provides a number of compression and saturation flavors. Borrowing from the Autodyne, the compressor lives on a dry-wet blend control, tuned with auto response and a nifty Bass Drive feature on the sidechain filter, which emphasizes the ever-desirable low-end required for deep kicks. There's also an output gain control that feeds into a limiter for super gluey and driven timbres that sound just like they're from a mastered track. Truly poised to be the be-all, end-all kick drum module, the Entity Ultra-Kick should easily appease the most demanding percussion synthesists.

Entity Ultra-Kick Features

  • Dual resonator-based kick drum module
  • Frequency resonator determines base pitch
  • Character resonator applies filtering, transient shaping, and other effects
  • Resonate control allows for self-oscillation
  • Internal pitch envelope with Depth and Decay controls
  • Ripple parameter allows frequency modulation of second resonator by the first
  • Intermediary Punch section applies saturation between resonators
  • Voltage control over Decay, Character, Resonate, Punch, Bass Drive, Gain
  • Auto feed-forward compressor design with dry/wet blend
  • Output limiter gain control
  • Bass Drive allows bass signal emphasis
  • External sidechain input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 110mA @ -12V
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