Steady State FateAutodub Stereo VCA + FX Send


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Steady State Fate Autodub

Interact with your effects and give some dub-style movement to your patch with the Autodub, a stereo DC-coupled effects loop VCA from Steady State Fate. Centered around a large activation button that opens the Send VCA, you can route your signal for a moment or set it to toggle. When you engage the button, a Gate signal is set to high, providing an added layer of interactivity to your patch by triggering bursts, one-shot sequences, or freeze effects. A dry/wet mixer allows for fine adjustment or 2x gain on the input signal, and 4x gain on the return signal with the Level knob attenuating the signals. Audio signals are great, but since this uses DC-coupling, it will also pass CV signals.

Autodub Features

  • Stereo button controlled VCA for audio and CV
  • Stereo effects loop
  • Input is dual-mono and L-R normalized
  • Large activation button opens the VCA
  • Momentary or toggle switch for button behavior
  • DC-coupled and works with CV signals
  • Gate high output on button press
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: 42mA @ +12V, 42mA @ -12V
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Steady State Fate Autodub Stereo VCA + FX Send Reviews