SquarpPyramid MK3 MIDI + CV Sequencer

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Squarp Pyramid MK3

The Squarp Pyramid MK3 wants to be the brain for your studio, and with polyphonic Euclidean/complex meter sequencing capabilities over 64 tracks, on board MIDI effects processing, and a dedicated port for every era of sync and control; it makes an effusive case for just that. Additionally you can add automation into the Pyramid's sequencer through live recording, or writing it in through the sequencer's "Step Lock" function. The Pyramid also has dedicated ports for MIDI, MIDI over USB, CV/Gate, and DIN Sync, making it optimal for even the most eclectic producer!

Pyramid MK3 Features

  • MIDI, USB, and CV sequencer/looper/rhythm generator, and more
  • An ideal way to connect gear of all types and give your studio a central brain
  • Can act as an interface between any style of electronic music gear: CV, DIN MIDI, USB MIDI, and DIN Sync can all talk to one another through Pyramid
  • Record performance information from the built-in keyboard, smartpads, touchpad, five encoders, or external MIDI/CV sources
  • MIDI looping functionality a la audio looper performance
  • Step sequencer/piano roll-style editor
  • CC and FX automation can be recorded in realtime via touchpad and/or 16 performance pads
  • Euclidean sequencing options
  • Pattern muting & chaining
  • All-in-one sequencing powerhouse for all types of electronic music gear and all styles of performance
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  • MIDI: IN, 2x Out, mini USB
  • DIN Sync: available on MIDI Out B
  • CV: CV, Env, and Gate output via 3.5mm jack
  • Dimensions: 206 x 268 x 44mm
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Power: mini USB
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