SputnikVariable Waveform Generator


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Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator

Sputnik Modular's Variable Waveform Generator is an analog VCO packed with unique timbral and wave-designing capabilities, making it well suited for more complex starting points of audio or modulation. Capable of VCO and LFO rates via a range switch, the VWG has immediate control over tuning of all four different oscillators along with an additional pulse sub-oscillator tracking one or two octaves below. VWG's frequency tracks nicely with the 1V/Oct input for melodic and bassline movement while frequency modulation can be introduced at an exponential or linear rate for creating tasty vibratos and FM tones, respectively.

The magic of VWG doesn't become apparent until you shift your attention to the wave-shaping section on the right side. Featuring a solid set of traditional waveshapes, each of VWG's main oscillator outputs corresponds to a special shaping tool that can be controlled manually or via CV. The square wave output features PWM with a selection of edge to edge or edge to center modulation, while the sine wave output can be wavefolded in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical flavor. The triangle wave output can be driven into pushing either more even or odd harmonics, and the saw wave output utilizes an "animate" parameter to shift in a super-saw style between two or three saw waves.

Whether you need a solid foundation for tone shaping or a intriguing and shapeable modulation source, the Variable Waveform Generator from Sputnik Modular expands well past your basic wave shapes for sonic exploration.

Variable Waveform Generator Features

  • Waveshaping analog VCO
  • Four waveshape outputs (pulse, sine, saw, triangle) and pulse sub output with adjustable octave
  • Tuning controls include coarse and fine tune pots with a VCO/LFO switch
  • 1V/Oct pitch tracking with attenuated linear and exponential FM inputs as well as a hard sync input
  • Four different wave-shaping controls, all with amount controls, CV inputs, and CV attenuators:
    • PWM - can be fixed to control to edge or center
    • Wave fold - can be set to symmetrical or asymmetrical folding
    • Saw animator - can be create double or triple supersaw-like animations
    • Drive circuit - can focus on even or odd harmonics
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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