Source AudioZIO Analog Front End + Boost


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Source Audio ZIO

In collaboration with Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals comes Source Audio's ZIO, their first venture into the analog realm as a multi-mode preamp and boost pedal. Built specifically for guitars, the name ZIO is in reference to Z for high-impedance and IO for input & output. Quality throughout, ZIO includes noise-free Burr-Brown op amps for warmth and clarity that will be heard throughout your pedal chain, providing up to 20dB of gain in any circuit mode chosen. Speaking of which, ZIO's four preamp circuits offer a wide range of tasteful and classic flavors loved by many guitar and studio professionals. These include a transparent JFET option, a Low-Cut option for carving out rumble, a Studio option for recreating a classic "Pultec trick" with plenty of mid-range articulation, and even an Echoplex Tape preamp in the E-Plex option.

Further customization can come forth through ZIO's tone switch, offering three options which simulate three different cable lengths for tonal sculpting. Additional performance features include a true-bypass footswitch that can act normally as a bypass or even a mute switch for quick cuts in your signal, and the second output is perfect for a tuner setup or even use as a line output for recording or line-level post-processing. Whether you're looking for stellar tone and level on stage or in the studio, look no further than Source Audio's ZIO.

ZIO Features

  • All-analog preamp and boost pedal
  • Flexible coloration with four different preamp circuits to choose from:
    • JFET - transparent
    • Low-Cut - carves low end out
    • Studio - recreates sound of "Pultec EQ trick"
    • E-Plex - inspired from Echoplex preamp
  • High quality parts choices with noise-free Burr Brown op amps
  • Three capacitance options for shaping your tone: bright, med(ium) and dark
  • Footswitch can act as a true bypass or mute switch
  • Output control with 20dB of boost for balancing your signal throughout the rest of your pedalboard
  • Extra output for tuner or can act as a line-level output
  • Dimensions: 4.1" x 2.36" x 2.22"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative (PSU not included)
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