Source AudioUltrawave Guitar Multiband Distortion + Tremolo Pedal


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Source Audio Ultrawave Guitar Multiband Distortion + Tremolo Pedal

Source Audio's Ultrawave stereo multiband processor is a powerful distortion/overdrive + tremolo effect for guitars (and of course many other instruments). What makes this pedal stand out is its multiband approach to sound creation. This means that the input signal is split into separate frequency bands (up to 10), and each one can be then independently shaped via a variety of processing tools providing means to create the gnarliest, dynamically and harmonically rich sounds previously unheard.

Source Audio offers a whopping 44 distortion/overdrive algorithms to sculpt your sounds with which among others include Tube, Diode, Foldback, Negative Flip Diode, and Octave Up. Ultrawave can store six distinct presets at a time, always easily accessible via the on board toggle switch. The four knobs are freely assignable to any available parameters. New presets can be created, stored, and loaded into the pedal using Neuro Desktop Editor, and Neuro Mobile App which offer a set of flexible building blocks for advanced sound design. These include dual channel compressor, and powerful multiband tremolo that allows independent per band control over tremolo's depth, rate, start time, and LFO shape. Furthermore, Ultrawave also includes a novel sound morphing feature that allows seamless transition between completely different presets via an expression pedal.

This abundance of options allow you to create anything from classic overdrives and fuzz sounds to complex sequenced distortions, and synth-like waveshapes. It is a pedal that is likely to put a smile of pleasant surprise on your face every time you use it.

Ultrawave Guitar Features

  • Multiband overdrive/distortion + tremolo
  • 37 options for band splitting
  • 44 distinct distortion algorithms
  • Dual channel compressor/expander
  • Sound morphing feature
  • Stereo I/O, with stereo or dual channel processing options
  • 6 presets accessible via a toggle switch
  • Advanced control and preset management via Neuro Desktop Editor, and Neuro Mobile App
  • MIDI-capable, including class-compliant USB MIDI
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: TBD
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