Source AudioTrue Spring Reverb Pedal w/ Tap Switch


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Source Audio True Spring Reverb Pedal w/ Tap Switch

Source Audio’s True Spring Reverb is a pedal that takes ages of research, development, and adaptations of spring reverb effect technology and packs it into a small box. The pedal is equipped with three distinct algorithms: short, long, and tank. Short takes inspiration from the unmistakeably recognizable twang of the Fender “blackface” amplifiers, which results in sounds that have short decays and gentle trails. Long mode is meant to resemble deep and drizzling reverb effects found in many vintage combo amplifiers with a high degree of authenticity. Tank is the most extreme mode in the unit designed after the standalone tube-driven spring reverbs which gained popularity during the ‘60s, and became the defining element of the surf rock sound.

Additionally, the pedal allows combining any of the three reverb modes with one of the three onboard tremolo effects: opto tremolo, harmonic tremolo, and bias tremolo. Opto tremolo is the result of interaction between a photocell and a neon light bulb, which results in an amplitude modulation that is somewhat rough and uneven. Harmonic tremolo is capable of delivering smooth and complex effects, in some way similar to phasers. It is achieved by alternately modulating levels of bass and treble frequency spectra. Bias tremolo relies on an LFO modulating the bias voltage of the tubes, effectively saturating them. This results in a smooth tremolo effect with a taste of overdrive.

True Spring Reverb Features

  • Digital reverb with world-class spring behavior emulation
  • Proprietary 56-bit DSP for unprecedented processing power
  • Successfully emulates the peculiar nuances and idiosyncrasies of real spring reverb
  • Dedicated controls for Wet/Dry mix, Level, Dwell, and Tone
  • Switchable models include Short, Long, and Tank
  • Integrated tremolo effects based on optical tremolo, "brownface"-style harmonic tremolo, and tube bias tremolo effects
  • Flexible stereo routing options
  • Expression control for extended performance options
  • External tap tempo enables remote control of tremolo rate with multiple beat divisions as well as tremolo bypass control
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.75 x 2"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative PSU (included)
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