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Source AudioCollider Delay + Reverb Pedal


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Source Audio Collider Delay + Reverb Pedal

The Source Audio Collider is a delay and reverb pedal that allows for complex and refined time effects in one package. It features dual 56-bit signal processors with five delay and seven reverb effects from Source Audio’s Nemesis delay and Ventris reverb. These include, but are not limited to, analog, oil can, and digital delays as well as plate, hall, and E-dome reverbs. It features two inputs and outputs as well as MIDI in and through. The two inputs/outputs can be set up for mono, dual mono, or stereo functionality. The delay has the ability to be tap-tempoed with three subdivisions. The reverb features a hold function for long swells of reverb, perfect for ambient tracks. There is a switch present which determines whether the controls affect the reverb or the delay or can be locked in the center position. The Collider features eight presets accessible from the pedal controls and up to 128 via MIDI. Settings can additionally be edited using the Neuro Editor app on Android, Mac, Windows, or iOS. This dual pedal offers high-quality effects and full MIDI implementation for an ultra-powerful pedal perfect for all your time-based effect needs.

Collider Features

  • Dual reverb and delay pedal
  • Independent bypass switches with analog dry through
  • Seven reverb and five delay algorithms
  • 8 presets on the front panel and 128 via MIDI
  • Settings can also be configured through the Neuro Editor app
  • Dual inputs/outputs
  • MIDI in and through
  • Freeze functionality with reverb hold
  • Tap tempo delay with subdivisions
  • Expression pedal input
  • Effects can be parallel or in series
  • 11.4 x 11.4 x 5.1 cm
  • Center negative DC 9v @ 300mA
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