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Source Audio Atlas

Have an arsenal of dynamic control at the push of a button with Source Audio's Atlas, a compressor pedal built to house a multitude of styles to best fit your sound design and play style. Designed for simplicity and immediacy with the power of full and complex parameter selection, Atlas offers a wide selection of compressors to choose from, modeled after tried and true flavors that can't be beat. Get down and dirty with their Orange Squeezer model or push for a more polished and studio-grade sound with the LA2A and 1176 models. Including both an LED opto style and a dual-style compressor, Atlas is not limited to the onboard settings thanks to Source Audio's Neuro Editor App for both mobile and desktop, pushing tons of new and flavorful compressors out all the time.

Controlling your Atlas is easy-peasy thanks to the dual layered controls, providing immediate access to compressor basics like ratio, timing, threshold, makeup gain, and even tone. Going into the app and designing your own presets pushes Atlas to new territories with the option to add a three-band parametric or eight-band graphic EQ to carve the spectral characteristics. Advanced settings to make your compressor work for you and not against you include a bass mode to work best for bass guitars, look ahead for more snappy and predictive compression, and even side chain for keying your compression externally! With MIDI functionality, expression pedal accessibility, and even full stereo I/O, Atlas is the perfect compressor pedal for those looking for various styles packed into one easy to use format.

Atlas Features

  • Multi-type compressor pedal
  • Models include LA2A, 1176, LED opto, dual compressors, and Orange Squeezer
  • More compressors available via Source Audio's Neuro Editor application
  • Four knobs control seven parameters including ratio, attack, release, makeup gain, mix, tone, and output level
  • Bass mode to optimize best for bass guitars
  • Auto makeup gain setting for automatic adjustments based on amount of compression applied
  • Look ahead and side chain compression options for taking it to the next level
  • Three-band parametric or eight-band graphic EQ for sculpting tone further
  • Saveable presets with customization over the Neuro Mobile app (iOS or Android) for immediate access to hidden parameters
  • Stereo I/O and MIDI accessibility via the Neuro Hub
  • USB port and expression pedal input
  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.75" x 2" (L x W x H)
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative, (PSU not included)
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