SoundmachinesSY1 Synesthesia CV to DMX Converter


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Soundmachines SY1 Synesthesia

The Sound Machines SY1 is the realization of a dream shared by many performing synthesists. The module offers a convenient means of controlling DMX lighting gear via one’s Eurorack modular synthesizer rig. Users can trigger specific lights in accordance with a variety of parameter changes within their synthesizer. For example, the pan/tilt of a moving projector could be synchronized with the pitch and envelope parameters of a bassline—or, backdrop colors can be shifted in accordance with the opening/closing of a VCF or VCA… the possibilities are only limited by the user’s imagination. 

SY1 Features

  • 5 Controls
  • 5 CV Ins
  • DMX Output
  • RS232 Output


  • Eurorack Module
  • 8HP Width
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