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Soundmachines NS1 Nanobridge

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Soundmachines NS1 Nanobridge

The Soundmachines NS1 is a breakout board that serves as a bridge between the NS1 Nanosynth and a Eurorack modular synthesizer system. The board features fourteen conversion points corresponding to the NS1’s jumper cable and 3.5mm ins/outs. Each channel has both a protected and unprotected option, where the protected mode side clips signals below 0V and exceeding 5V. 

NS1 Nanobridge Features

  • Breakout board/format converter for connecting NS1nanosynth to Eurorack systems
  • 14 channels of format conversion
  • Incoming voltage protection clips signals below 0V and above 5V
  • Four rubber feet keep your nanobridge slippage to a minimum
  • 14 channels of 3.5mm TS - NS1 jumper conversion
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