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SoundmachinesModulor114 Analog Modular Synthesizer Desktop Module


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Soundmachines Modulor114

The Soundmachines Modulor114 is a self-contained modular synthesizer housed in an 84HP Eurorack panel mounted inside a custom case that can be powered in one of three ways: via USB, power adaptor, or Eurorack power cable. The synthesizer is compatible with all Eurorack format modules, but is a beast in its own right. A built-in USB/MIDI interface ensures optimal control with an external keyboard or sequencer. Other tactile controls include a ribbon controller and straightforward front panel interface with a convenient layout. 

The USB/MIDI section also converts MIDI to CV, while subsequent modules include an oscillator with PWM functionality, noise, and both a sync and sub-oscillator. There’s also a second oscillator that can be assigned to either VCO or LFO duties. Beyond that, the Modulor114’s built-in quantizer features selectable scales and can be used alongside the ribbon controller, making it a powerful performance tool. 

In terms of filtering, the VCF features both low- and bandpass outputs and is capable of self-oscillation with enough resonance. There’s also a VCA and ADSR section, the latter of which can be looped for use as a square or triangle LFO. Aside from the meat, there are also dozens of utilities spread across the synthesizer, such as sample & hold, slew limiters, multiples, and attenuators. If all that wasn’t enough, the Modulor114 boasts a powerful DSP effects section that can be tempo synced for advanced rhythmic patterns. 

Modulor114 Features

  • Three-way power supply: USB, 12Vdc, eurorack ribbon
  • 1 USB/MIDI (Device AND Host) to CV with MOD output, Clock and 4 CC# integration
  • 2 VCOs (one simplified, one full options!)
  • 1 noise generator (white-pink)
  • 1 LP/BP resonant 12dB/oct VCF
  • 1 VCA with saturation
  • 1 four stage ENV generator with looping option
  • 1 output amp with headphone driving capability
  • 1 ribbon controller with GATE and CV generation
  • 2 manual cv generators
  • 1 scale and chromatic quantizer
  • 1 S&H
  • 3 mixers
  • 3 attenuators
  • 1 clock divider
  • 4 logic gates
  • 2 buttons / manual triggers / function buttons
  • 1 fx unit
  • Comes in a metal case
  • 84HP wide
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