SoundmachinesDC1 Drum Computer Trigger Sequencer


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Soundmachines DC1 Drum Computer

The Sound Machines DC1 Drum Computer is a pattern-based trigger sequencer optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. In addition to including many conventional sequencing features, the DC1 also implements a host of creative additions that result in a truly unique user experience. Think of the module as an 8 track, 16-step sequencer with storage and recall functionality, pattern length, swing/shuffle parameters, internal clock generation, external clock compatibility, and traditional start/stop/pause controls. 

The front panel interface consists of an X-Y LED dot-matrix, two encoders, and a pushbutton. Users can use the encoders to preemptively select which point the sequence they want to jump to, then use the pushbutton to implement the change. 

One unique feature of the DC1 is its CV functionality: the module boasts four separate, configurable CV inputs. Each input is capable of manipulating the BPM, individual track length, beat density, shuffle, pattern jump, randomization, muting, and much more. 

DC1 Features

  • 8 Track / 16 Step Trigger Sequencer
  • X-Y Encoders for Editing
  • Internal & External Clocking
  • Individual Track Length
  • Shuffle & Swing
  • Pattern Load & Store
  • 4 CV Inputs
  • Modulatable Parameters: Tracklen, Swing, Tempo, Beat Density, Randomize, Pattern +/-, Trackmute
  • SDCard Upgrades
  • Eurorack Module
  • 20HP Width
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