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Soundforce Chorus 6

For those who need a complex extension of the classic Roland Juno Chorus sound in their Eurorack modular system, check out Soundforce's Chorus 6: an all-new tool for sculpting unique, lush chorus tones. Using Xvive MN3009 BBDs and a circuit modeled directly after the original Juno chorus, it's easy to get Chorus 6 to sound identical to those polysynth chorus tones of yore—but with its extended LFO options and direct controls for the chorus behavior, it's also capable of much more than the average chorus effect.

Like the chorus section on an original Juno, you get basic mode selection, with modes I, II, or I+II instantly accessible at any time via dedicated front-panel buttons. You also get access to "Manual" mode, in which you have direct access to every parameter of the chorus via the sliders at the bottom of the panel: delay time, modulation depth, modulation rate, LFO waveshape (triangle, sine, saw, ramp, square), and wet/dry mix. Addiitonally, you get CV inputs for rate, depth, and mix for dynamic voltage control. In External Mode, delay times can be modulated using the external CV input and corresponding attenuator slider.

Chorus 6 features stereo input and output, as well as an option for mono-to-stereo operation via normalled input connections. It makes it easy to create classic chorus tones, but it excels at pushing these sounds to their logical boundaries—making everything from sweet, swimming chorus tones to noisy BBD soundscapes. If you want a classic chorus you can push into uncharted territory, look no further.

Chorus 6 Features

  • Classic Juno Chorus with extended control
  • Uses Xviv MN3009 BBDs for authentic sound
  • Gives you direct panel access to classic Mode I, Mode II, and Mode I+II tones
  • Manual mode with extended control of modulation depth, rate, shape, wet/dry mix, and more
  • External mode gives you external voltage control of BBD delay time
  • True stereo or mono-to-stereo operation
  • Great for everything from classic tones to experimental, noisy soundscapes
  • Work with Eurorack or line-level signals
  • Skiff-friendly design—only 38mm deep
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 76mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V
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Soundforce Chorus 6 Advanced Juno Chorus Reviews