SoundcraftSignature 22MTK 22-Channel Mixer + Audio Interface


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Soundcraft Signature 22MTK

The Signature 22MTK from Soundcraft is a 22-channel professional mixer with exceptional sound sculpting, a Lexicon effects processor, and functions as a 24-in/22-out audio interface. The first eight channels feature a dbx limiter, XLR-equipped channels have a Sapphyre 4-band EQ with a 3-band for channels 19–22, and all channels feature five Aux/FX level controls. Easily use microphones, line levels, or Hi-Z instruments with connections for all. Unique to the 22MTK, each channel can be routed as an independent input and as an output to/from the computer: this means you can run a channel into your DAW, apply effects, then feed it back into the same channel. Route signals to external equipment or to the built-in dual engine Lexicon effects for exceptionally lush sound. Four mono/two stereo submixes with dedicated faders makes external equipment easily played and gently nudged in. The feel of the full-size 100mm faders and the robust metal chassis oozes professional quality. Soundcraft's Signature 22MTK is a great central hub for any streaming, podcasting, recording, or small broadcast studio.

Signature 22MTK Features

  • Professional compact mixer designed to deliver console-level performance
  • 24-in, 22-out audio interface functionality via USB (with up to 24-bit, 48kHz resolution): great for tracking, summing, mixing, and more
  • Soundcraft Ghost mic preamps provide enormous headroom, dynamic range, and clarity
  • British-style EQs: 4 bands on most channels, including sweepable low mid and high mid frequency
  • Eighteen total independent audio channels—fourteen mono and four stereo
  • Every mono channel features mic preamps and line input options (plus a Hi-Z option on channels 7–10)
  • dbx limiters on channels 1–8 great for capturing highly dynamic sources
  • 100Hz HPF on most channels
  • Six aux sends on each channel
  • Mute and PFL switches on every channel
  • Long-throw faders for accurate, easily-recallable audio level control
  • Extensive bussing system: every channel can be assigned to any combination of Master buss, subgroup 1/2, and subgroup 3/4
  • Integrated Lexicon effects processor with two variable parameters for each effect type
  • Flexible audio routing for bussing and aux sends mean a wide range of studio recording and live sound applications
  • USB-A power jack for adding USB lamp or other accessories
  • Master outputs via XLR
  • 1/4" headphone output with level control
  • Slim profile perfect for any desk
  • Total channels: 22
  • Mic Inputs: 16x XLR
  • Line Inputs: 20x 1/4", 2x RCA (stereo)
  • Main outputs: 2x XLR main
  • Aux I/O: 5x 1/4" Aux outputs
  • Subgroup outs: 4x 1/4"
  • Headphone outputs: 1x 1/4"
  • Computer connection: USB Type B
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 19.3 x 26"
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Power: mains in via IEC
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