SonicwareLiven Bass&Beats Wavetable Synthesizer + Rhythm Machine


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Sonicware Liven Bass&Beats

Flowing with gnarl, grit, and passionate rhythm, the Bass&Beats from Sonicware's LIVEN lineup is an all-in-one system for designing killer bass patches and banging drum grooves for any style of electronic music. The Liven Bass&Beats features both a wavetable synthesizer with loads of sonic sculpting and sequenceable parameters and a PCM-based drum and percussion engine, designed to meet the electronic musical landscapes of today and the future. Essential for today's dance-centric electronic music, the Liven Bass&Beats provides loads of modern-sounding presets and drum kits, advanced editing and sculpting tools, and a killer sequencer for putting everything together for whatever genre or sound you're looking to make.

The onboard wavetable synthesizer offers 64 morphable wavetables built-in with an option to even load your own wavetables for a personalized touch. In addition to having two sets of wavetable oscillators for mangling, you are also provided with a flexible sub-oscillator along with a noise generator with 16 unique noise flavors to choose from. The oscillators are mixed down into a multimode resonant filter to carve and shape your sonic timbre while the LFO, envelope generators, and two assignable knobs modulate and add movement to your synth parameters. The monophonic nature can be left in a single voice for tamer and more centered bass and lead patches, or you can turn it into unison mode for thicker super-wavetables and is complemented by the dimension parameter for adding spatial depth to your sounds. Finalize your sound with edge and bite by introducing the dedicated distortion for maximizing harmonic content.

The drum engine of the Liven Bass&Beats provides a whopping 350+ sounds to mangle and sequence for adding rhythm and groove to your tracks. Although there are genre-specified kits made to best complement whatever style you're going for, the Liven Bass&Beats offers tons of user slots for designing your own kits with fully flexible sound parameters like level, envelope, pitch, and much more. Both the "bass" and "beats" side meet together at an easy-to-use mixer section with individual sends to a reverb alongside mixing in external stereo sources. Sum both down with one of 12 available master effects for adding a final touch of crush, room, filtering, or whatever you need to glue everything together. Additionally, there is a sidechain unit built-in to apply ducking to the bass via an external input or internal drum such as the kick to get a classic pumping effect and clean up mix issues.

Liven Bass&Beat's sequencer offers many of the same features found in other Sonicware devices, granting access to fully functional 64-step pattern creation per instrument with over 128 patterns to save and recall. Pattern creation is highly elastic with per-track subdivision for longer patterns, tied notes for making dynamic bass and leads, and even parameter-locking on a per-step basis to have wildly complex sound mangling within one simple pattern. Create full songs with chainable pattern playback functionality alongside sequencer effects like step-stuttering and random step playback for injecting even more life and interest into your patterns and songs. With loads of more parameters and settings to explore as well as highly adaptable integration capabilities such as MIDI and analog sync, the Sonicware Liven Bass&Beats brings the groove and rhythm your tracks crave.

Liven Bass&Beats Features

  • Wavetable synth and groovebox
  • Synth engine includes two wavetable oscillators, sub-oscillator, and noise generator
  • 64 available wavetables (import your own!), 6 different sub waveforms, and 16 flavors of noise
  • Single or unison voice modes for detuned and spread sounds
  • Resonant multi-mode filter offering low, band, and high pass modes
  • Modulation sources include an LFO, envelope generator, two assignable performance knobs, and other MIDI protocol like velocity
  • Synth effects include a dedicated distortion for boosting harmonic content and dimension for adding width
  • PCM-based rhythm engine with over 350 drum and percussion sounds with over 100 types of SFX sounds
  • Pre-made kits for genre-specific use with full customization capabilities
  • Build in ducking to create any sidechain pumping effects between the two engines
  • Mixer section to balance the synth, drums, and incoming signal
  • Performative mutes for all 16 drum sounds
  • Up to 128 saveable patterns with up to 64-steps per pattern
  • Sequence at different subdivisions, with tied notes, and even parameter locking step by step
  • Live performance for chaining patterns as well as sequencer effects including random step jumps and stuttering the selected step
  • 12 master effects to finish up the overall sound
  • MIDI and analog sync connectivity
  • Audio I/O: 2x TRS 3.5mm stereo
  • Headphone output: 1x TRS 3.5mm stereo
  • MIDI I/O: 2x 5-pin DIN
  • Analog sync I/O: 2x TS 3.5mm
  • Dimensions: 11.7" x 6.92" x 1.89" (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 1.74 lbs
  • Power: 9VDC, 1A (PSU adapter not included)
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Wavetable Bass Synthesizer and Rhythm Machine!

[Wavetable Synth Engine]
Unleash our wavetable engine to create thick basslines that fit into all genres.
Combine wavetable modulation and our rich resonant filter to create satisfying growls and wobbles.

The bass synth engine includes:
- Two independent Wavetable oscillators with the 32 available wavetables.
- One sub-oscillator
- One noise generator which can create 10 different noise types.

Add even more flavor to your basslines with the built-in LFO, envelope generator, unison control, multi-mode filter, and distortion effects.

[A Library of Rhythm Sounds Specialized for Electronic Dance Music]
The Liven Bass & Beats is loaded with 150 high-quality rhythm sounds carefully selected for modern and timeless compositions.
The library of drum sounds also include risers and tension releases SFX which are useful tools when transitioning to new sections of your compositions.

[Hit the Ground Running With Over 64 Bass Patches That Cover All Genres]
The LIVEN Bass & Beats includes over 64 bass presets including battle tested favorites such as the Reese Bass, Future Bounce Bass, Wobble Bass, Growl Bass, Neuro Bass, Deep House Bass, Acid Bass, 808 Sub Bass, and more.
Use these presets to quickly dial in the vibe of a specific genre.

[Ready-To-Go Preset Drum Kits]
The drum sounds are organized into well balanced kits for specific genres such as:
You can also mix and match sounds from the drum library to create your own custom kits.

Powerful functions for live electronic music performance include 16 physical control knobs, parameter locking for each sequencer step, and SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT connectors to make synchronized performance with other equipment easy.

All these powerful functions are in a device that weighs only 790 g. Play it anywhere at any time.
Sonicware Liven Bass&Beats Wavetable Synthesizer + Rhythm Machine Reviews