SOMA LaboratoryUtilities for Pulsar-23 (Screws)


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SOMA Laboratory Utilities

Designed for enhancing and expanding signals coming to, from, and within the Pulsar-23, SOMA's Utilities is a handy box outfitted with a number of passive and active components to shape and modify audio and control voltage signals. From clipping and diode VCAs to amplifiers, waveshapers, and switches, Utilities is packed with a variety of blocks to make patching with Pulsar-23 even more flexible and expressive. Boost line-level sources to proper levels for processing within Pulsar-23, add some extra control with attenuators and photoresistors, and even use the dedicated touchpoints for passing signals around with the flesh of your hands. Expand your Pulsar-23 rig with this dedicated Utilities box from SOMA.

Utilities Features

  • Utility expander for Pulsar-23
  • Screws for connecting alligator clips
  • Contains the following modules:
    • 5-point 3.5mm-alligator clip format converter
    • Clipping VCA/limiter
    • 4x linear amplifiers
    • Diode VCA
    • Capacitors and pulse converters
    • Warp/Waveshaper
    • Visualizer LEDs
    • 4x attenuators
    • 2x photoresistors
    • Touch contact points
    • 4x switch buttons
  • Dimensions: 288 х 193 х 40 mm
  • Power: 12VDC Center Positive (PSU included)
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