SOMA LaboratoryThe Pipe Mic (Bassy Response)


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SOMA Laboratory The Pipe Mic

This is an accessory for the SOMA Pipe: a piezo-based microphone designed for excellent low-frequency response. Bass singers will find that this mic deeply extends the Pipe's potential for expressivity and successful dynamic translation. The Pipe's microphones attach via a simple 1/4" TRS jack, so swapping mics is easy!

The Pipe Mic Features

  • Piezo-based mic for SOMA's Pipe dynamic effects processing instrument
  • Designed for low-frequency response
  • Accessory for the SOMA Pipe
  • TRS jack for connection to Pipe
Product Demo Videos
Different mics for SOMA PIPE
There are three different contact microphones that you can buy for the PIPE. They have different frequency response. I show the difference in the video.
SOMA Laboratory The Pipe Mic (Bassy Response) Reviews