SOMA LaboratoryOrnament-8 Organismic Sequencer


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SOMA Laboratory Ornament-8

Ornament-8 from SOMA Laboratory is an organismic sequencer that breaks out of the mold of the traditional expectations for how a sequencer behaves. The design features eight independent cells with connections to define the topology of the sequencer. Its behavior ranges from deterministic to incredibly chaotic, although it tends toward the chaotic side of things. Thus, predicting the exact behavior of the Ornament proves difficult in many configurations. The initial state and parameter settings influence how the individual cells interact with each other, and each parameter adjustment changes the outcome of the whole system. Recalling an initial configuration may or may not cause the sequencer to behave in the same way every time.

Traditional sequencers tend to use a loop-based topology, wherein the major changes center around pitch information and possibly the number of steps. Here there is no master clock for tempo, but rather each cell features a Time control. This delay line time control sets the time between the cell receiving a trigger signal and outputting its own trigger. The Set button activates a cell, while the Rest button puts the cell in an inactive state. Connecting one cell to another and then initializing the first one triggers the two cells in series, creating a loop. A three-way toggle switch determines the trigger behavior, either setting the time a cell is active, setting the time a cell is inactive with an inverted trigger and CV behavior, or muting the cell completely.

The CV outputs track the pulse delay time, ramping up from 0-10V in the normal operation or ramping down from 10V in the inverted mode. When the charge capacitor reaches the maximum level at a rate set by the time control, the cell turns off and outputs a trigger. The CV input directly controls the time of the delay line based on the CV level and knob position, while connecting a positive voltage over one volt to the X2 pin input doubles the capacitive time of the delay line by adding a second capacitor, multiplying the time by a factor of two. If a cell receives a trigger while active, the cell does not change in behavior, but the Pass output passes this trigger signal instead of just disappearing. Specially dedicated outputs correspond to SOMA's Lyra-8 and Pulsar-23, providing an easy way to interface with these devices. Dedicated 3.5mm outputs help integrate the Ornament with Eurorack or semi-modular devices.

The modular structure of the Ornament 8 allows for a vast array of topologic behaviors determined by patch programming. The open-ended configuration also lets users chain any number of units together. The behavior is unusual and sometimes hard to parse, but the results, incredible and deeply organic that break new grounds in what a sequencer can do.

Ornament-8 Features

  • Organismic sequencer
  • Divided into eight independent cells
  • No tempo control, rather time-delayed pulses
  • Entirely user patch programmed
  • CV outputs follow the pulse delay time
  • CV over time and x2 input to double the delay time
  • Three modes, normal, inverted, and muted
  • Dedicated pins for connecting with the Lyra-8 and Pulsar-23
  • 3.5mm outputs for connecting to Eurorack or semi-modular devices
  • Set and reset to engage or disable cells
  • Pass through connections
  • Behavior ranges from periodic to chaotic with plenty of room to explore
  • Four pulse converters
  • Delay times range from 5ms to 50 seconds and up to 5 minutes with cell delay time at >CV = 0V
  • Includes 12 65cm and 14 30cm alligator clips
  • 10-50mA @ 12V center positive power supply (included)
  • 266 x 255 x 54mm/10.4 x 10 x 2.2"
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Product Demo Videos
ORNAMENT-8 organismic sequencer. Demo (SOMA Lab)
An experimental analog modular sequencer based on a completely new principle of synthesis of behaviour.
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